Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy Fourth from Bar Harbor

We drove up to Bar Harbor yesterday. On the way up we listened to NPR and heard a woman read a poem about an acrobat on his death bed telling his daughter it was the land he loved most after all. The idea was good but the follow through, as Jon Stewart would say, not so much.

So this long weekend Beverly and I will mostly be tourists and not hikers. Yesterday we lived up to that intent. We had dinner in our favorite restaurant, Galyn’s. The lobster bisque was delectable. I had the prime rib which was also delicious. Beverly had the lobster stew and the filet which needless to say was also yummy.

After dinner, after taking a walk on the waterfront and pier, where one young man asked us if should jump off into the cold Maine waters and did although I advised in the negative, we went to our favorite bar, Geddy’s. Not only is the atmosphere funky, but it’s Maine, which means one can have a bourbon with his beer.

When asked what kind of bourbons they had, the bartender, Woody, advised me they had this great sampler of 4 premium bourbons: Knob Creek, Baker, Basil Hayden’s, and Bookers. Of course I had to try. Sam (no, the third bartender’s name was not Coach, but Rocket) poured them and I tasted with my favorite beer as a chaser, Thunder Hole Ale, brewed right here in Bar Harbor.

And the winner was: Baker’s. It had a nice warm bite that did not overshadow the nice flavor. That’s all for now. I’ll tell about the Duck Fart at a later date. We’re off to our favorite breakfast place, Jordan’s, and then off to our favorite park, Acadia! And fireworks over Frenchman Bay tonight! Happy Fourth!

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