Monday, July 26, 2004

OBX 8 Going Home

We got ourselves a flat on the way home from Hatteras Saturday. That’s right. Outside of Roper NC. That tire was flatter than week old road kill. Trouble was that we were riding this loud almost concrete US64 highway that makes all your tires sound flat so I thought nothing until the sound changed to something more supersonic. Pulled over to the side of the road bordering a peanut field and walked on over to the rear passenger side and there it was looking awfully sorry and good for nothing more than someone’s tire heap. So Emmy and I emptied the back of the car of luggage and all and thank goodness that tiny old spare was looking right filled and healthy. So I jacked up the car and replaced the flat with the temporary spare and hobbled on into Plymouth looking like three dollar bills and small change and looking for a tire warehouse but found instead a full service Phillips 66. They hopped on it right away and before you could say “get your tricks”, we were riding off towards the North Carolina later morning. Emmy said "This car goes like 60 on our new tire." "Sixty nothing," I replied, "we're doing 66!" Or so I’d like to think we said.


Dave said...

Tricks? I thought it was "kicks" that one was supposed to get. Whatever, it sounds like you made the most of it. Just Whoever's way of telling you, "Vacations over!"

aum dada said...

Dave, my bad! You're absolutely right. Everyone knows tricks are for kids.