Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Seeing Acadia through the Fog

Fog ruled Acadia yesterday. We sat on Otter Cliff and listened to the bell buoy resonate out of nowhere. The ocean waves crashed onto the rocks below out of nowhere. The sun out of nowhere we know was barely warming the rocks we sat on. But if you closed your eyes you felt the sun everywhere. And you could see the bell buoy rocking in the waters, and the waves crashing on the ledges nearby, and a lobster boat circling the buoy while raising its traps, and the rocky stretch of Monument Cove sweeping towards our left with the pink granite of Gorham and Champlain Mountains rising above it, and the little golden crescent of Sand Beach nestled in the curve of land, and across the mouth of Frenchman Bay, Schoodic Peninsula looks to be the last point of land before Nova Scotia invisible except for maybe some mysterious cumulus clouds on the distant blue horizon.

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