Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Acadia September Sun

Well, Monday was sun day in Acadia. My plan was to do the Precipice, probably the most challenging trail in the park, but after yesterday’s harrowing hike, I was too mentally exhausted to attempt anything that difficult. So I hiked Gorham Mountain instead, a smaller mountain overlooking the Atlantic.

There’s a perch half-way up the mountain that I love. It’s a triangualr ledge almost directly above Thunder Hole and looks over Great Head and Otter Point into infinity. Today light was shimmering on the water and several lobster boats circled about their business beneath the sun.

Sun is the father of all such activity of course, whether it’s the greening of trees or the making of America. It’s the literal circle of life. Beyond our searching, before our spirit, past all survival and all wonder, our life is all the meaning that there is.

I’m quite tired right now after all the activity of this weekend, including the long drive home. And being that the sun has called it quits, I will too. But tomorrow’s another day and a chance for another life. Sun willing.

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