Friday, September 10, 2004

Rocking On the Front Porch in Ogunquit

Beverly and I spent an extended long weekend in Ogunquit Maine this weekend. It truly is a “beautiful place by the sea,” the Indian meaning of the name. And the Marginal Way, a mile long walk along the rockbound Maine coast, is anything but marginal in its splendor. There’s a large gay population in the area, but as Seinfeld would say, not that there’s anything wrong that. But it made us a little careful about where we spent our nightlife, not that we were leery of a gay bar, but we just didn’t want to crash anyone else’s party.
I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK

They plunked themselves around an ivory white
piano bar and belted out their show
tunes with that brightly similar excite-
ment found in sports bars, all except the swings
and blasphemies aroused in baseball fans
as lumberjacks become barbarians.
But hardcore Christians and their lion kind
will have the realm believe the fall of Rome
is built upon how aberrant they find
the former though the latter brings it home.
But there was so much music and singing coming from upstairs at the Front Porch we had to ask the waitress downstairs about it while we sipped our beer and bourbon. She told us it was a piano bar and that gays and straights and purples and oranges were welcome. Purples? Sounds like my crowd. And what fun we had! I faked the lyrics of how many show tunes I can’t say. There were a few who you knew had performed these songs in musicals before. Sometimes they’d do a solo and never miss a beat. It was like a front seat to a show, and we were invited to the chorus.

PS I tried a monosyllabic rhyme scheme with just one mult-syllabic word to make a point. I know this isn’t anything to write home about, but as an experiment, I like it.

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