Friday, October 29, 2004

It's the End of the World As We Know It

The curse is dead. Long live reverse. I’ve been reading too much Ashbery in the new APR but I don’t want to write another poem about baseball until the daffodils take the battleground states. But for anyone interested, the series of World Series poems recently serialized here can be seen under the searing title, Reversing the Curse in Time. Seriously. George W Bush is in serious trouble too. I’m ready for his October Surprise now (Boo!) but I’ll be too busy this weekend seeing R.E.M. at the Fleet Center and the Red Sox parade near City Plaza. I see Kerry winning 52 per cent of the national vote and Scalia threatening to take his bat and ball back home. Meanwhile W will be losing his religion. Finally any Red Sox fan that hasn’t read Bill Simmons’ columns for ESPN on these recent Sox playoffs is missing the whole point. The curse is dead. Long live President Kerry. And I feel fine (aka wicked pissa!).


Unknown said...

I've heard statements to the effect of, "See? The Yankees should learn that spending the most money on players does not guarantee success!" I've heard this from fans of the Red Sox. The Red Sox, if anyone is interested, is second in player spending behind the Red Sox.

And it ain't as if the Sox weren't trying to outspend the Yankees, they just lost the bidding on A-Rod.

Oh well. What seems to me to be different this year and last year is that Sox fans have been supportive of their team. For years, I've heard Sox fans cheer for their team with one face, and curse them with the other. It's the big-time support of their team, I think, which made a difference this year.

Now, if Sox fans could only detour that hatred of the Yankees into positive support for their team, they just might be that much more respectable.

aum dada said...

I guess I'd disagree. Ownership that actually respects its fans for the real financial base that they are and then uses that money in a statistically wise manner is the key. Of course it's only rock and roll but I like it.