Tuesday, October 26, 2004

World Series Off-Day Day-Game Poem

An off day. Waiting for Pedro. Thinking about World Series past again. Remembering 1967 and listening to the game on the radio in biology class. Walking home and following the chatter and tintinnabulation of a transistor radio back home to our black and white TV. Watching Yaz as twilight surrounds the New England landscape. Couldn’t network TV and MLB agree on one World Series day game? Just one.
Staying Up Past Bedtime

The grass was greener on black and white
TV—and dark was really day.
Even transistor radios
preferred to play the matinee
performance; static stayed awake
and distant stations didn’t make
their way to wavelength consciousness.
But this was now and that is then
—the marketing of future perfect
will be staying to god knows when.
So History understands it’s cool
to pass some kid asleep in school.
Repeating the Mantra: one game at a time, one game at a time. Go Pedro!

Update: see my complete Red Sox ALCS/World Series chapblog here.

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