Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Dylan Poet Prophet?

I am convinced that Bob Dylan is a prophet in the Old Testament mode, and I believe he knows it. There is one of the more curious segues in his memoir on page 28.

Dylan is talking about a friend of his that he was living with in the village and who had once worked in a slaughterhouse in Chicago. When he asked him what it was like, the friend asked if he had ever heard of Auschwitz. Dylan goes on to talk about Eichmann who had managed the death camps, his trial, and the talk about sparing his life.

This is the end of that paragraph, and the beginning of the very next one:
Even if he was set free he probably wouldn’t last an hour. The state of Israel claimed the right to act as heir and executor of all who perished in the final solution. The trial reminds the whole world of what led to the formation of the Israeli state.

I was born in the spring of 1941. The Second World War was already raging in Europe, and America would be soon in it. The world was being blown apart and chaos was already driving its fist into the face of all new visitors. If you were born around this time or were living and alive, you could feel the old world go and the new one beginning. It was like putting the clock back to when B.C. became A.D.
I think we felt a similar shock and change on 9/11. And I find it curious that Dylan’s last album was released on that very date. Every song I hear from that record drips with that day. It even foretells the President’s famous line about Bin Laden.
Well, George Lewis told the Englishman, the Italian and the Jew
"You can't open your mind, boys
To every conceivable point of view."
They got Charles Darwin trapped out there on Highway Five
Judge says to the High Sheriff,
"I want him dead or alive
Either one, I don't care."
High Water everywhere

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