Monday, November 01, 2004

Reality Catches Up

I’ve been paying too much attention to presidential politics considering the fact that both candidates will advance the hegemony of the corporation in the age of America’s Empire. But after much analysis of blogs and newspapers I’ve come to the conclusion that Reality is what this election is all about.

Bush-Cheney has convinced their Republican junta they can create a new reality based on their agenda. The multi-reality Democrats are stuck with that polymorphous world worked from hundreds of democratic constituencies (aka special interests). This is why, despite all polling indications, Bush-Cheney is showing confidence about their chances. They wish to spin their way to their reality of winning this election.

But the actual reality of America is dire. Iraq is a shambles. The economy is ready to slow down again without any jobs gained from the so-called recovery. And terrorism is not the wolf at the door, but a reality no one can spin away.

I still believe in America. We are not some Orwellian nightmare yet. And come the day after Tuesday I believe the final poll will show a Kerry victory. Not because this is the reality I wish to create, although it is. but because the polls indicate it.

Democracy tells it like it is. This election is a referendum on President Bush and his polling numbers have been consistently below 50%. The undecideds will not break in his favor. They’ve only needed time to turn. And turn-out will be greater than ever.

Sinclair Lewis once said it could happen here, and it has come awfully close. But not this time, Mr. Bush. Not in our day, Karl Rove. Not this reality, Mr. Cheney.

Kerry: 52%. Bush: 47%. Believe!


brooke said...

yeah! i love this post! if Bush is reelected, who's with me to Canada??


aum dada said...

how 'bout New Zealand?