Thursday, February 10, 2005

Towards dYnAmIc Verse (two)

Oh, and it really doesn't have to rhyme. Although I often like using rhyme for the final couplet. For closure you know. As for the length of the line. Not a great problem energy-wise when there is no rhyme. If there is, though, the longer the meter, the more problems with slackness. Those added little words wreak havoc on the energy. Avoid them at all costs.

The rest of Alexander:
Alexander the Surfer

Alexander walks the surfaces
each wave unfolds with unbelievable
stability despite the wetsuit wrapped
around his senses tighter than religious
schooling on the continental shelf.
His world is swell. I watch him navigate
another oceanic circle with agnostic
skills discovered at Manhattan Beach.
At first he drives the curl with microscopic
detail. Then he slides above the seas
like science. Lastly, Venus realigns
with Neptune as he threads his way between
black rocks, before he ends in shallow water—
and no return unless he weds their daughter.
UPDATE: replaced Jupiter with Venus (the original). Just makes more sense, doesn't it?

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