Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mercury Rising Darn Right

I’ve been experimenting with short line forms for the lyric lately.

Yesterday’s poem was another such test. It’s simply iambic pentameter lines split in two. I like the energy it lends to the lines as well as the initiative it presents in ridding them of any slackness that may be there. A short line demands strict attention.

The poem, if written in pentameter lines, would be two, what I like to call, “Dylanesque Sestets,” that particular form having a rhyme scheme of ABCBDD.

I like playing with such simple forms. And I love naming them. I’m calling this double Dylanesque Sestet with split pentameter lines a “Blonde on Blonde” after Dylan’s great album, which has a “wild mercurial sound” according to Bob.

That description is my goal with this form.

PS On another note, I’m looking forward to reading Chapter 4. Fraud is a pretty strong word.

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