Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Murphy Blogs!

I am truly excited about this. Alan Sullivan of Fresh Bilge is hosting the "Skipper's Poetry Corner, which will become a regular Monday morning feature of FB" and written by Timothy Murphy, one of my favorite formalists. His second post disusses Dick Barnes of whom Murphy writes:
The vast majority of Barnes' work is free verse, to which I am generally unreceptive. Nonetheless, I find him compelling. He was a country boy from the Mojave Desert, whence many of his poems derive their extraordinary sense of place. He was also a profoundly spiritual poet, whose Christianity was deeply informed by Taoism and Buddhism.
Great poetry by Dick Barnes. Great post by Timothy Murphy. Maybe we finally have the formalist equivalent to Silliman in the house. Welcome Tim.

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Curtis Gale Weeks said...

For the last two months, I have been thinking that blogs will—or should—eventually replace the "board" format for poetry experimentation, review, criticism, etc.: rather than having a place where poems and subjects are forced into niches created by others, poets would blog their poetry and criticisms in their own niche and other poets would circulate among blogs to offer insight and advice/suggestions.

Well, it's a dream, at least...

I think Tim has been bitten by the "blog bug," even if he doesn't yet know it, and might overcome his fear of blogging technology. Witness one of his recent comments at FB, where he says he could write many such reviews...