Thursday, April 28, 2005

Son Rivers' New Spring Single

Son Rivers has just released a new single just in time, before April ends. In an interview with Spun, Son said he “was hesitant to release anything during National Poetry Month, that self-congratulating Hallmark-masturbating month-long saint's day, but what the hell. I need to make a living too.”

He rounded up some old Old Man River band mates for this one, including Slow Hand on rhyme and Rhythm King on meter. “It was great to play together again. We started out on burgundy but soon just hit the harder stuff. Mushrooms and metaphysics.”

So eff the RIAA: here’s the file. Download and share amongst your friends.
Another Effing Forsythia Poem

Cynthia Forsythia,
the goddess of fertility,
flirtatious bleached blonde bombshell wow!—

there’s no divinity but spring.
Paternalistic deities
are fall’s cheap comeback to her fling.

With flowing tresses she undresses
scientific, atheistic,
theological design

with sprays of petals—pistils, anthers,
pollen—polysexual and
actual trinity of thine.

-Son Rivers 2005


Anonymous said...

What a brilliant poem. I love it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

^_^ Bravo!

aum dada said...

Son thanks you.