Monday, May 02, 2005

Cold Roses & Trees, Sad Robots & Hippies

I was too hard on Ryan Adams. I really like his music; it’s just his concert banter I can’t stand (as well as my getting older of course). His band was excellent and his singing was spot on. I’m looking forward to hearing Tuesday’s new CD release, Cold Roses.

In the latest edition of APR, I really like this stanza by Donald Revell:
Why this wild longing
For the world of light?
It’s wrong.
It’s killing my trees.
The rest of the issue, not so much.

Beverly and I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Saturday. Two thumbs up. It’s amusing. It’s witty. And the character of Marvin is an original: a depressed robot. The penultimate punch line from all his one-liners is killer.

I heard today that a certain young man had called me “a hippie who got a job.” I suppose it’s an apt description as any. And I got a laugh from it. But of course it points to the central tragedy of my life: I got a job.

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