Monday, May 09, 2005

Parenthetical Codes

Jonathan comes up with a blogger’s code.

Mine would start with: Don’t come home late Saturday night after imbibing several real ales and answer comments to your blog hastily. You may find yourself facing such a soliloquy in your mind the following day. Especially if the comments concern a rant.

But I should really consider this code. First, I want to answer Jonathan’s code, article by article.
1. Criticism should not be about rejection. And it’s certainly not about neglect.
2. A wise and mediocre poet would always appreciate constructive (even deconstructive) criticism. An unwise and mediocre poet needs it even moreso.
3. Agreed, but not really germane.
4. This is the one that I think really needs reviewing. Part of me agrees, especially the sober side of me. But then the intemperate side suggests that this is the road paved to blogger's hell.
Afterword. Great post (5/9/05) on Mark's blog. "Raw or cooked or hot or cold or left or right or up or down, why is this pigpile so adamant?" Good question, but I surely don't know. I'm just a ranting Wookie myself.

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Mark Lamoureux said...

What an interesting smell you've discovered, Greg!...