Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Pope Clark I, Othello, and the Supermarket

No sooner has Creeley gone to greener pastures but Jonathan has now elected Clark Coolidge Pope. I trust the wisdom imparted over at Bemsha concerning things postmodern. Lord knows I know nothing about the matter. I’m trying to learn though. But I still think Creeley is a saint compared to Coolidge. And it’s not that Coolidge has no narrative. I can stand that. I just think his language is kind of clunky. He’s stepping all over his own feet. Nothing personal against Clark though. Just my bias showing through.

Now reading Othello. The why of Iago, I think, is answered in the end of Act 1. It’s not jealousy alone over Cassio’s promotion, but
I hate the Moor:
And it is thought abroad, that 'twixt my sheets
He has done my office
Hell hath no fury like Iago scorned.

Learn what happened at the supermarket (no permalink; it's 6/7 post). Good show Mark, and you still have your good name.


Jonathan said...

The only Pope of poetry is Alexander. I just said he was required reading for all true Bemsha-ites. Surely you realize that he means to be "clunky" in the way you describe. He wants us to feel each syllable and likes clusters of difficult to pronounce accented syllables rather than the easier flow of iambics. Creeley is also required reading, so you're maybe half way there.

aum dada said...

Yeah, I understand the clunky is meant to be there. It's my bias. I don't like clunky. But I don't like chunky peanut-butter either. Now Creeley, we can agree on.

Mark Lamoureux said...

Thanks, it all worked out in the end. How's that for karma, huh?

I haven't read that much Coolidge, though I am now enjoying "The Crystal Text." Though that "clunkiness" is still there.

Smooth peanut butter? Now you're talking like a crazy man...

aum dada said...

Definitely a test and you passed. Just like a crazy man. No jelly either please.