Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Serendipitous Alfred Nicol

Sometimes the world works in little wondrous ways. I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Alfred Nicol. I was late in responding because, truth be told, I hadn’t looked at that email account in a couple of weeks. But after apologizing for my tardiness, I ended my responding email by commenting that I hadn’t seen him for quite some time at our local Starbucks. He answered last night that contrary to my popular opinion he still was addicted to his morning cup and that he was sure I’d see him again some day there. And this morning there he was (and it was great to see him)!

Well, this afternoon, he’s at Fresh Bilge. Tim Murphy has a little complimentary say about his good work. Alfred is a very accomplished formalist poet, one of four great poets who have had a personal influence in my own very unaccomplished work. But besides a metrical technician, Alfred is a great romantic poet who is not afraid to wear his heart upon his verse (if I had to pick the one defining caracteristic of a Nicol poem, that's it for me, and the reason why I love his work). And this poem, “The Difference” testifies to that in spades. Google him out for even more. And be sure to check out Mr. Murphy’s considered say.

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