Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Looking for Mr./ Ms. Goodbard

Let me second this Lott of emotion:
If anything, my attempt– my obsession– over the last few years to go beyond the mainstream has been driven by a desire to find a poetry that could move me the way so much of it used to. As time has passed, I’ve become desperate to rediscover that emotional connection. If ever I could use it– if ever I have sought it– it is now.


Most post-avant poetry feeds my head– and rewards scrutiny intellectually– but it doesn’t feed my heart, and that’s what I most want… what I most need from poetry. I’m sure you know the old Williams’ saw that you won’t find the news in poetry, “yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.” I’m just trying to keep ahead of the dying side of me.
There are times when I feel that my disconnect with so much contemporary poetry (and especially the formal kind) must be a sign that I've grown jaded. But thinking now under the influence of a clear mind made sane by vacation, I think not. Much poetry I fear is written for the sake of writing much poetry, and not for the sake of writing something that just HAS to be written. I'm sure I'm guilty of that too. Convicted and incarcerated. But I shall be released.

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