Saturday, August 20, 2005

Number 9 (x2) Number 9 (x2) Number 9 (x2)

"Dogs were dogging, cats were catting. Birds were birding, Fish were fishing. Thence Pwllheli, went swimming":
Sonnet August Eighteen

Blue morning dawns on rooster-red Explorers
blazing towards black chicken feed. The boss
is waiting for new Colorado late
arriving. Mountain peaks of paperwork
play peek-a-boo with ghosts called Bob or Mary—
Alice died last week and now collects
insurance for the needy. After one,
white afternoon begins in earnest—meetings
sober up. Assembling mortgages
with whirligigs and fixed musicians, Ted
collapses on the racetrack. Bets are off
and paybacks are a bitch. The conference calls
but James Bond barnstorms. Driving through green hail
Security alarms the nightingale.

~Son Rivers 2005
"Take this brother, may it serve you well"

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