Thursday, September 29, 2005

Holy Toledo: Acadian Mist

Still po-blogging my responses to the questions asked in the Baltimore Catechism:
BC8. What do we mean when we say that God is the Supreme Being?

Powerful language
speaking from the next
in power, trumping
Kings with a pair of eights,
but seriously popes;
why can’t the most
but misunderstood
secretive cabal
in evolutionary
just call the mystery
a mystery?

~Son Rivers 2005

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Mark Lamoureux said...

On the subject of the peculiarities of translation of the King James Bible, there are, as one has no doubt noticed, coutless references to "corn." Which is a plant that I don't think anyone disputes came from the New World. The original KJB predates the discovery of the New World, so somebody had to have inserted the corn afterwards. To my knowledge there's never been any mention of where the corn came from.

Though the whale issue seems to be somewhat separate since in the King James it does not mention any whale, rather this seems to have been established as a societal convention. I think somewhere in Moby Dick Melville talks about why he himself believes that the monster from the bible is a whale!