Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reflecting On Walden

It seems that we have both together by chance, turned out of the beaten, crowded way and come to stand face to face with that infinite and unfathomable thing which is the wilderness; and here we have found OURSELVES--for the wilderness is nothing else. It is kind of a living mirror that gives back as its own all and only all that the imagination of a man brings to it. It is that which we believe it to be. So here we have stood, we two, and if we have not shuddered at the emptiness of the abyss and fled from its lonliness, it is because of the wealth of our own souls that filled the void with imagery, warmed it, and gave it speech and understanding.
~ Rockwell Kent reflecting on Alaska


Herself said...

love that.

aum dada said...

yep that Rockwell Kent