Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Time Out for Rockwell Coloring in Acadia 1

Cadillac Dorr Alive

Past the nearby
rose granite
a desert mountaintop alive

in iridescent
air, amid the most delicate
scent of sun-roasted
evergreen—and beyond

jack pines over
the coasting spruce
mountainside, two
cerulean silhouettes

beneath a fair September sky.
All this and
I’m alive.

~Son Rivers 2005


DTclarinet said...

I can smell the sun-roasted evergreen and feel the expanse of the view.

I've read a number of your poems and enjoy your porlific and varied output, plus I'm a wine lover, too.

I prefer to post as Garnet from GlitteringMuse, but cannot because it's not a "blogger.com" account. Would you consider opening comments up to include every blogger?

aum dada said...

Thanks very much David.

I changed the settings recently because of a rush of spam. But now that Blogger has added the word verification feature, I'll change it back.