Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Almost the Meaning of Life

A month ago I found myself with time. So I went for a walk. I saw a blue heron begin to fly. I see hawks everywhere. I am talking to a deer. A tree will tell me I was free. I say goodbye to scientific materialism and looked for spirit. Black Elk Speaks. I am soul. We am soul. Breathe soul into your body. Yet I met a conundrum. The Druids disappeared. But today Thom Hartmann put my reflections into words. Thank you:
They must create their own way, their own tribes, their own clans, and their own rituals and laws. To do this, they must learn the true history of what was done to their people over the past three thousand years, and try to recover what they can of their original culture. They must learn from other cultures who still have ten-thousand-year-long memories — like yours — and use those lessons about what works and what doesn’t to live in harmony with the Earth and other peoples. As they acquire this wisdom, they may be able to rebuild the foundations and assumptions of “modern” culture into something that will work and is sustainable.
If you're still here, you should really read the whole thing.


Herself said...

i cant express to you how much this means to me and explains so much. My daughter just wanting to know the other day "What are we" at the behest of her catholic friend. Im going to read this to her tonight even if she doesnt understand all of it...thank you

aum dada said...

It thrills me to no end that you found hope in this also. I also shared it with my daughter. She's too old for me to read it to her, but I hope she doesn't just delete the email. (And I'm glad you linked also; maybe one of your readers will be affected in a similar fashuion.)