Monday, October 10, 2005

Tearing Down the Wall

BC17. If God is everywhere, why do we not see Him?

When all right angles
change to crooked lines
and every petrochemical
turns to sap,
all roads will exit Rome.
Then Michelangelo
will paint the desert
green with oak trees, white
with birch trees, red
with maple trees ascending
past the fall.
The choir shall chant a forest
through the wall.

~Son Rivers 2005


Anonymous said...

We only see things that are in contrast with other things. One can not see a chunk of coal at night--nor do we see a green bug in the grass. For us to "see" we must have a contrasting background.
If God exists and is all that is--then we will not be able to see God, because we will not be able to "not see God".

aum dada said...

That's an interesting take and I'm sure is true for some. Which is similar to my forest for the trees syndrome I guess. On the other hand I think western religions, as the BC says, preaches a dichotomy between the natural and the spiritual. With these disastrous results of course.