Monday, December 19, 2005

Metrical Dissertation on a Freefall

A Treatise on the Mystery of Current Events

There is no certainty except
uncertainty. Alternatives
are theoretical, religious,
or some other filter used
to sift the fluid universe
of mystery and leave it fact
or fantasy. In point of fact
the founding fathers of this country
constituted government
to check and balance such artificial
certitudes with principles
of undevinability.
But now an endless war against
an indefinable deceitful
foe is leading some to think
the world has changed since nine-eleven,
leaving one man in control,
above the law, and certain.

~Son Rivers 2005
Today's bunch of footnotes:

uncertainty; Pax Nortana:
Hit and Run; "Atheists and believers both shy from agnosticism for the same reason: around the certainty of our senses, we admit to uncertainty. The problems of both are well-known to everyone else except in this one truth: both are obsessed with certainty and final authority about the nature of the universe."

constituted; Unclaimed Territory:
Bush's unchecked Executive power v. the Founding principles of the U.S.; "The notion that one of the three branches of our Government can claim power unchecked by the other two branches is precisely what the Founders sought, first and foremost, to preclude. And the fear that a U.S. President would attempt to seize power unchecked by the law or by the other branches – i.e., that the Executive would seize the powers of the British King – was the driving force behind the clear and numerous constitutional limitations placed on Executive power. It is these very limitations which the Bush Administration is claiming that it has the power to disregard because the need for enhanced national security in time of war vests the President with unchecked power."

changed; Slant Truth:
The Constitution Is Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper; "It goes without saying that the recent news of Bush's authorization of spying without warrants on US citizens is fucked up. That he so brazenly defends his actions makes this all the more troubling. There is little to be said on the matter that hasn't already been said. Bush has looked the American people in the eye and said "fuck you, I'll do whatever I want."

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yelhsacrow said...

Thanks for givin' us leftist agnostics somewhere to go...I love your link-embedded, footnoted poetry!