Saturday, December 31, 2005

Should Auld Acquaintance Last a Leap Second

Happy Ishkabibble

Render unto Caesar just the salad dressing;
save the lettuce for an idle moment when
ambition reaches out like Michelangelo
to feel the power of a congressman inside
your wallet pocket. Is that happiness within
your heart or just a home-grown cucumber intent
on mayonnaise with special sauce? The sky is falling
on your opposition as the Book of Magic
Tricks foretold one early matinee. Remember
God is not a crutch but just the mighty dollar
you can pull out of a midnight stovepipe hat.
It doesn’t matter if you’re damned or democrat.

~Son Rivers 2005
Today's Footnotes:

salad; Twists & Turns:
Word of the Day; "ishkabibble (n? adj?) [p] Various meanings: "don't worry," "a silly person," "nonsense" or an expression of surprise. [p] "How narrow a plank our daily talk walks, between normalized syntax and mad entropy; and how painfully hilarious to us are those ishkabibble comedians who mimic the fluent sound of patterns of colloquial language, while refusing any--or almost any--sense to it!""

God; The Huffington Post:
Leap Second Lovers are Traitors Says Bill O’Reilly by Steve Martin; "“But you know what I love? Dialogue. Rational dialogue which allows me to say that aliens from a Iraqi loving planet want to abolish Christmas by adding a leap second to the Darwinian anti-God year. Dialogue is what keeps the American system God-loving and anti non-God. It also keeps the anti-God loving non-Iraqi loving insurgent deniers able to voice their hideous so-called opinions over the American loving tolerant airways. And now let’s take some calls.”" (link via Slant Truth)

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I love nonsense.