Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Simple Words For

Simple Questions

It’s not insomnia but night
that keeps me up past three o-clock
insisting on its silence. In dark,
except the digital display
on my alarm clock, I create
this world with just the time of day.
What kind of god would keep me in
this state when light is hours away?
Oh sure, I know it’s winter and
the sun will barely rise above
bare trees to cast long shadows in
the empty woods. That kind of loss
is comforting, a lullaby
to smooth my edgy spirit after
summer. But this other fate,
this self-inflicted loneliness
that wakes me up from pointless dreams
to see my own self-made extinction:
what kind of being makes a world
where nothing that’s alive will be?

~Son Rivers 2005

Today's Bunch of Footnotes

god; Connaissances:
Grace and Destruction; "One of the questions Dowd asked early on in the programme was to an Indonesian geologist. After the geologist had explained to him mantle convection, plate tectonics and plate subduction, Dowd asked: “Can you imagine a construction of the world where all this would be unnecessary? Where earthquakes do not need to happen?”"

comforting; deSmogBlog:
In Pursuit and Defence of a Just and Creative God "This is R.F. Kennedy trolling through waters more commonly -- and haplessly -- fished by G.W. Bush: "I don't believe that nature is God or that we ought to be worshiping it as God, but I do believe that it's the way that God communicates to us most forcefully. God talks to human beings through many vectors. Through each other, through organized religions, through wise people, and through the great books of those religions. Through art and literature and music and poetry. But nowhere with such force and clarity and detail and texture and grace and joy as through creation."

nothing; Joy Harjo's Web Log:
The Self is a Very Complex Event; "We are in the falling apart. And we're in it together. We have to keep going."

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Anonymous said...

How especially true for this time of year.