Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Best Fireworks... (and an old Fireworks Poem)

...ever from kottke.org

The Red, White, and Plaid
Fireworks, Portsmouth NH, Fourth of July 2002

We meet a Scotsman born and bred in Rye,
New Hampshire, at the fireworks this Fourth.
He wears a kilt, the better to brave July
and wave his colors while he can up north.
At first we talk about our rooftop perch,
its vantage point, the view we have up there
of rivers and their bridges and a church.
But then he turns and says “just underwear,
in case you’re wondering what’s underneath.”
“I play the bagpipes too,” he tells his tale.
“I dream of playing on the Scottish heath,
my own ‘Star Spangled Banner’, Holy Grail
of every bag-pipe player in the States.”
Just then the rockets and the streamers start,
the pandemonium we know by heart.
We both salute the bedlam it creates.

~Greg Perry 2002

In an effort to create a chapblog from previous poems, I'm going to staart posting some of them. Along with an interesting link. A reverse blogonnet in effect.

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BeckoningChasm said...

Your use of language continues to amaze and impress. Good stuff indeed.