Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: Sleeping with Psyche in DC

Sleeping with Women by Kenneth Koch
Kenneth Koch! I’m supposed to sit here and review Kenneth Koch. Sleeping with Women. Kenneth Koch. A poem by Kenneth Koch. A poem that goes on forever as far as Kenneth Koch has gone. Sleeping Women by Kenneth Koch. The mantra-drenched and referential poem by Kenneth Koch called Sleeping Women that I asleep forever for as far as poems can ever remember should review. By Kenneth Koch. Not going to happen, Kenneth Koch. Minus zero to infinite snaps.

Cupid and the Party Dress by Cassie Sparkman
I’m sorry. This does nothing for me at all. I’m not a fan of this kind of reworking classical themes. It tires me. I am intrigued by the repetition induced by this imperfect villanelle, but overall, phrases like this make me go no: “she will kill herself with sadness” and “amazed at her face” and “I will fly away”. And after awhile I’m really annoyed by the party dress.

from Live from the Woodley Park Marriott, Washington, DC by Ryan Flaherty (2nd installment)
I admit that I’m having trouble dealing with this. I’m being fed bits and pieces. I want to read it all. The language of the poem is strangely stark, like a Chinese mountain and river poem brought to the national interior. It’s rising in my thoughts.