Friday, February 17, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: Charlton Heston 1965

To Nature by Harvey Shapiro
I like the reverence behind this poem but how weak is that fourth line? I keep going back to see if there’s some hidden intent there, some reason for passivity. But I can’t find one. Otherwise, it’s a nice poem. With a respectable and appropriately modest ending.

Pentecostals at the River Baptizing by Robert Bense
Chock full of words is a heavenly story. When it works. And at most times this one does. Even the references hold water. Although I thought things went weak in the fourth section. Especially after a great third with lines such as “swiping America's slate / clean past Rockwood, flotsam / smelling of catfish, surplus / and rot.” God that’s great! And the ending almost works.

Saturday Night by Mark Yakich
I’m beginning to like this, pop culture references and all. And the penultimate sentence is a terrific keystone. But the jury’s still out on Sean Penn though.

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