Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: Contrapuntal Ennui

Prose Sonnet by Mark Yakich
The revolution ends in the fourteenth line when the poet gets hammered. Slivers of rhyme rise in the wind. Shards of meter spill to the lawn. Interest jumps.

Long After the Flames by Keith Montesano
Not a bad conceit. But lazy lines from the get-go make it difficult to pay attention. Yawn, preposition, conjunction, preposition, conjunction, article!, preposition, preposition. But I like the weeds appearing in the penultimate line.

Results by Rae Armantrout
Vote here for the unconditional brilliance of the first part despite and because. Vote here to change some parts of the second part. I’ve developed a fondness for the ‘Chinese elm leaves’ and feel anything but bored about the rearrangement.

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Simmons B. Buntin said...

I felt Montesano's poem was a large cliche that approached sentimentality and, to a degree, predictability. I wonder sometimes how Verse Daily selects its poems. Or maybe I'm just mad because Verse Daily won't select one of my poems...!