Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: Made in Jade

Stubby Sag Harbor Sonnet by Marvin Bell
More stubby than sonnet, this poem moves in a nicely clipped manner. Kind of Henny Youngman full of one-liners. Most of them work. Some of them seem inter-connected. That’s a nice line that ends the octave: “The click of a tiny chisel on jade once organized centuries.” The sestet picks up speed following that observation. Unfortunately getting involved with a poem about poems. But in the end it overcomes that little conceit.

Among the Alien Born by Sonia Raiziss
This strange combination of eccentric syntax and homeward longing actually works. It’s foreign in a familiar fashion. There’s two instances when it gets too close to a joke, the amnesia and visiting hours, but deftly escapes. And ends elsewhere with great hurt instead.

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