Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Daily Poetry Show: Tilden in the Balance

Dear Jim by Matthew Langley
I like an ecological poem. And I appreciate the macro-historical done in micro. Although the drunk is somewhat gratuitous. But understandably so. And the gap from tundra to straw is more than gaping. But recognizably so. Still this one modest trick is pulled off in the end with just a couple of doves left wingless.

[O Second-Story Man] by Susan Goslee
It’s cutely creative in a formal kind of way. And it’s more revealing than revelatory. Like a McMansion all high windows and columns and faux white brick on the front but vinyl siding and tiny windows everywhere else.

A Day Unlike Any Other by James Haug
History candy! And as such, it melts in my ears. But don’t expect much to work its way to some nerve of emotion. Lines such as “We honor his teeth. We wish he were king.” try to touch the intellect though in some confectionary manner. And there’s of course an echo of something familiar, something recent, something current, that makes it work in a surreptitious but temperate way.

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