Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Weekly Poem Expo: The Logic of Vision

OK. Maybe I have a better handle of this daily reviewing thing this week. Maybe I can chew gum and walk. Maybe this is weekly, or weakly. We'll see.
Struck by Two-Thirds of a Vision

While strolling along the long
deserted waterfront
I follow three common loons
drifting in faint patterns
only known in their wintering:
no monochrome checkerboard
distinguishes their faded
February mantles.
In frequent but unmeasured

moments, at most two
descend beneath the harbor
currents leaving always
one discernible,
managing the tide.
A primal apprehension
deep beneath my formal
span of education
fathoms that consequence waits

—within their singular
undertaking—for me:
two opportunities
I’ll learn have disappeared;
one-third of some duration
is remaining. I guess
it’s immaterial—
and yet quite proximate.
Specifics though I’m wanting.

~Son Rivers 2006
Of course this is the time for anyone who wants to give me some of my own medicine to comment. Or to maybe 'thank' me for my 'efforts.' Yeah, that's the ticket.


Lo said...

Aww, Greg....of course we thank you for your efforts....we're just too ignorant and too lazy to have taken the time to have actually said so.
I'd even gone so far as to THINK about it, and still never done it and now I am ashamed. Really ashamed.
Please accept my apology as well as my gratitude?
I come here first thing every morning - right after checking out Verse Daily and Poetry Daily to see if your opinion is anywhere near close to my opinion. :) Generally it's pretty much one and the same, which is heartening to me because I've always been under the impression that I am the only one who doesn't like alot of the poetry I find there.
Please don't stop? I'd give you hand with it if I thought I could do it justice. Really I would.

aum dada said...

Lo, now I feel bad. I was only joking. That's why I had thank in quotes. This project is purely a selfish one. But I am glad others like you enjoy it. But by no means was I serious about desiring some gratitude. I meant something like: well if you want to get me back for these opinionated pieces that you may sometimes vehemently disagree with, now's your chance to give me back some of my own medicine. Or something to that effect. But thanks for the thanks just the same.