Friday, March 03, 2006

Google (blog search beta) Sonnet Four: Sedona

It Was Actually The Sedona Method

yesterday, i spent the day in sedona
i'm writing to you from beautiful sedona
in the lovely setting of sedona, you can hike,
     visit the vortices, and nurture
the chapel of the holy cross, sedona, arizona
we're in sedona, sitting on top of a canyon,
     and watching the red rocks glow
i'll be at the well red coyote in sedona
a blue-haired grandmother at the chamber of commerce
     gave us a photocopied map of sedona
the new sedona waves the safety flag

sedona isn’t just one "place"
sedona is the new member in our family
check out the return policy before you buy sedona
sedona arizona called our number, and we came running
and then make our way to the power spots of sedona
     and perhaps a return
but going to sedona just heightens the experience

~Dig Chase 2006


Kober said...

A lovely place for sure. Congrats on getting out there.

Like your stuff.

Jim Kober

aum dada said...

Thanks Jim, I haven't got there yet. But very very soon!