Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Google (blog search) Sonnet 7: Monument Valley

3-D Nude in Monument Valley

The opening scene in Monument Valley would have been better
     if they hadn't decided to use an incredibly lame
     animatronic eagle,
so the guitar in this is dusty like photographs of Monument Valley,
Monument Valley sunset during fire season.
So I quit the job and had a vague plan to go to Monument Valley
     in Utah or Colorado or wherever Monument Valley is because I
     had seen it on a TV show.
I could make it to Monument Valley, but there isn’t
     anything there but monuments and I am not ready to spend
     that much time there.
I started to head toward Monument Valley for a few miles,
     but it was late in the day, the sun would set soon, and I
     didn't want to be out in the desert, in unfamiliar territory,
     alone and after dark.
By the time I got to Monument Valley, though, the weather had
     turned to rather dramatic thunderstorms.
It may be untrue that I am now in Monument Valley; perhaps
     I've seen too many John Wayne movies lately.

Monument Valley, in southern Utah, is one of the most
     spectacular places on this good earth.
However, I picked the road out that was difficult to drive
     in order to see Valley of the Gods and
     Navajo Monument Valley.
It was the black and white photographs of Josef Muench taken in
     1936 which convinced the famous
     movie director to film the movie "Stage Coach"
     in Monument Valley,
but one after a long-term relationship went bad, but so slow
     in coming, like watching a horse and rider make its
     mile-by-mile way across Monument Valley, only to let
     the rider still surprise you upon arrival and put
     a bullet in your heart.
He likes a big, well-oiled, throbbing, extremely butch
     government that can stare with weary eyes out from
     a weathered face upon the blasted desert landscape
     of Monument Valley.
I can fly from here to Monument Valley in less time than
     it takes you to wash your ugly face!

~Dig Chase 2006

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