Friday, March 31, 2006

Southwest 6 (Google (blog s) Sonnet 13: Anasazi)

Can you show me the way to the anasazi caves?

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     related information?
Native American groups such as the Anasazi settled the area
     that is now Las Vegas about 2300 years ago.
Their name was Anasazi, it means ancient aliens.
I find it interesting that the Hopi had a term Anasazi,
     which meant, "ant people".
The name "Anasazi" has fallen out of favor, but none of
     the other names now used for this vanished civilization
     are satisfactory, either.
I'm sure we have all seen the television shows on
     the mysterious Anasazi Indians.
Now, new research using simulation models suggests
     that the great puebloan people known as the Anasazi
     met their rapid demise in the 14th Century AD as a
     result of a complex set of factors or causes, not
     just climate change
The explosion was so brilliant it was visible during
     the day and was recorded by observers around the world,
     including the Anasazi.

She breaks his priceless Anasazi vase.
It tells the story of Sosi, an Anasazi girl who feels
     more than a little rejected by her family as they stress
     over a drought.
Years before I had heard rumors about an Anasazi ruin.
Well, it appears that snakes with sinister connotations
     are not unknown in Anasazi sites.
There in the dirt lie five hand-sized pieces of a broken
     ancient Anasazi pot.
The Anasazi used many different types of symmetry when
     they painted their pottery.

~Son Rivers 2006

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