Thursday, April 13, 2006

Southwest 13: (Google Sonnet 15: Sedona II)

Driving the Loop from Phoenix to Sedona Is to Travel from the Past
to Present in the Footsteps of the Famous and Infamous

I met Juliette outside Calling All Angels before
     she moved to Sedona.
Did psychic Sedona really foresee her own death?
As it turns out Sedona hasn't seen rain in over 140 days.
Sedona had been recommended to us, for its lovely red terrain.
I would like to see that cave when I make it to Sedona.
Sedona seemed like a great compromise.
Come to Sedona and soothe your soul.
I wanna send everyone "power" from Sedona.

There were other monologue shows and the last was Sedona.
I had not been to Sedona in ages.
Sedona is just about the perfect distance from our house.
I had the great opportunity this weekend to be spoiled in Sedona.
Through the heart of Sedona, and the realm of mystics,
I am finishing the transition stages of this Chapter
     of my life in Sedona.

~Dig Chase 2006

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