Thursday, April 06, 2006

Southwest 9 (Google Sonnet 14: Vishnu Scist)

Chunks of Old, Tried Vishnu Schist Were Scattered About the Hillside

The black rock of the Vishnu Schist mercilessly absorbs the sun
     and bakes the air.
Life was metamorphosed by other viruses in the DNA like
     the Vishnu Schist.
The bottommost layer does not exist in this sentence: a layer
     of Vishnu Schist and Zoroaster Granite, which is volcanic rock,
     cooled magma and slowly cooled and crystallized rock forms
     raised from the mantle of the Earth.
At 1.7 billion years old, Vishnu schist is some of the oldest rock
     on the planet.
And did you know, there are many points on the Grand Canyon
     that are named "Vishnu Schist (the lowest strata of the canyon
     almost 1.5 billion years old)."
The strata are Dark Gray, Vishnu schist, Tapeats Sandstone.
There are unconformities between the Unkar Group and
     the Vishnu Schist.
The missing geological ages between the Vishnu schist and
     the Tonto are known as the Great Unconformity

A mountain formed and then was eroded and washed away,
     leaving the Vishnu Schist.
Can you say "vishnu schist" 10 times?
Precambrian rocks are first exposed--dark-colored Vishnu Schist
     (and how did that Hindu word for God get on this rock's name
     in the Grand Canyon?)
Vishnu Schist, she called it.
The Vishnu Schist (I love that word) is about 1.8 billion years old.
This black stuff, the heart of the earth, is Vishnu Schist.

~Dig Chase 2006

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