Saturday, May 06, 2006

Southwest 21: Towards Tsakurshovi

Don't Worry, Be Hopi
from the t-shirt created by
Tsakurshovi Arts and Crafts Gallery
on Second Mesa, Hopiland

Innocence will die
a thousand deaths with every life
insurance policy we purchase
at expense of present interest
rates our full involvement
benefits our burial
before appreciation
of the cormorant
and silver river, simple
sailboat, lighthouse, blue
Atlantic Ocean.

Innocence will die
a never-ending death with each
retirement concern that daily
overturns the simple
sailboat sailing on the silver
present stream of consciousness
expanding from the desert
sage to constellations
raining on parades
of canyons cutting through
the mesas of my mind.

Innocence will die
a lifeless painted desert
colored in a monochrome
today without a single
Hopi for the purple
corn that's planted in
the winter-irrigated sands
of generations blooming
in their day instructing
children with Kachina dolls
returning knowledge of
creation to their play.

~Son Rivers 2006

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