Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Southwest 22: Into Introspection

After Sedona, I wandered west, her testimony still ringing innocently in my ears. But I knew I needed to delve a little deeper than the present, and there was no one better than Grand Canyon for that job, not only a notorious deep thinker but a reputable historian with degrees in shale and schist as well as a not-too-shallow interest in wind and water. I intoduced myself and let him know my business. His eyes were layered with time itself. They didn’t exactly look through you; you fell into them. There was a stony silence as I plummeted towards the past. But before I hit the Precambrian, I heard his welcome. “You should watch your step, son. The world is and always has been one hard place.”

~Chandler Chiller 2006

see series to date at chapblog Southwest Wheels


Anonymous said...

I really like this series. Just one observation: Why the word "innocently" to describe Sadona? Maybe just something I don't don't know.

aum dada said...

Helen. Thanks. It's not exactly describing Sedona but her testimony. Of innocence. A late addition to the piece I confess.