Saturday, August 05, 2006

Repairing the Deity

Well, I couldn’t stop reading Eliot Pattison, so I started his third book, “Bone Mountain.” Here’s a passage from early on in the book:
“And a valley of people lost their deity,” his teacher replied. He let the words hang in their air a moment, until Shan looked back into his eyes. “It will be your greatest test. Look forward. Look inside. Not behind you. You must stop being the seeker you were and become the seeker you want to be.”

It was a topic of many conversations between them. Shan’s biggest spiritual handicap was his obsession with the workings of what Gendun called the fleeting, unimportant mysteries of the surface world when he should be looking to the mystery of his soul.

“You must stop being a seeker of fact and become a seeker of truth,” Gendun said. “That is how deities are repaired.”

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