Friday, October 06, 2006

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The Word Sonnet

The world is banged together with our words.
Each dovetail joint, each tongue and groove, each two
by four that turns out modular designs
in triplicate, is nothing but our pre-
conceived creation. Get behind thee sentence.
My kingdom for a paragraph. The way
to kill a word and free the infinite
is wear it out in time with repetition.
And break through the word, beyond the word,
far past the word, the future word, the world
of words, the word of words, the wordless words,
the word the word, the word of yours, the word
of mine, the word of hers, the word of his,
until the only word remaining is an is.

~Greg Perry 2006

1 comment:

bostonaut said...

Hi - I've been a fan of your Thoreau Blog for some time now, just started browsing this one. I love this poem, especially the way the rhythm propels you but keeps you at the same time. Thank you.