Sunday, October 29, 2006

Working It All Out; Phase 1: Doris Gets Her Oats

The question tonight is where did poetry do wrong. The answer has to reside somewhere with Shakespeare. All matters English do.

Court-sponsored and creatively ambitious as all get-out, there’s the rub. Genius, yes. Independent, not so much. And so the question isn’t will the real Shakespeare please stand up. No, it has something more to do about the repression of absolute truth at the hands of absolute power.

It’s as if the only accepted drama today needed to be approved by Cheney (or for the other side of the coin, Hillary, her/) himself. No matter how creative it may be, it’s still one-dimensional.

The genius of Shakespeare is how many sides he could reveal in that single dimension. The tragedy is how rare that feat would be in those that followed. And maybe how limited his feat really was. (Sacrilige!)


Anonymous said...

I can't follow what you're saying. Those "what" that followed? Are you seriously saying that no one has written good tragedy since Shakespeare? Does this have anything to do with your point about patronage or propoganda? And are you implying that poetry was better prior to Shakespeare- or up to Shakespeare or what?

Greg said...

Not a good tragedy but something like midsummers night or especially the tempest, something that actually counters the growing propoganda of the material world. I'm not sure exactly what I'm saying. I'm feeling my way on this. No thinking as much. But, not better exactly, but closer to some essence.