Saturday, November 25, 2006

Love Poem Take Two

A Nineteen Line Tetrameter Poem Written For My True Love Beverly AKA That Skye Who Not So Coincidentally Was Born On The Nineteenth Day Of The Same Month As Me, And So A Seventy-Six Beat Poem Like The Seventy-Six Trombones Which Led The Big Parade, And Our Hearts Like Copper Bottom Tympani In Horse Platoons Thundering, Thundering All Along The Way And Loving A Full Octave Higher Than The Score

I love your cells, especially
the ones that dwell within your blood,
the white, the red, the never-ending
wine I taste each time I sip
the love within your lovely lips.
Its sweet bouquet, your DNA,
is similar to mine in oh
so many ways, but in those ways
that differ, oh they differ in
a way I know is different in
a way I’ve known before I knew
myself. I love the fact that you
are love itself—I love the love
we make when making love, I love
the you I love, I love the love
we love, I love the love of love,
and most of all, I love the way
we love to help each other love
to say: “I love I love I love.”

~Son Rivers 2006


Nic Sebastian said...

Had to come in off the Bloglines feed to say wow, you write some mean tetrameter! And that's one lucky lady. Enjoyed. Nic

Cathy said...

I'm glad I dropped by to taste this one. Very, very nice.