Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Working It All Out; Phase 10: Loony Moons

Or maybe there are no signs if you want it that way. If your world is one of logic and deduction, all signs will turn to rational displays of something similar. The universe becomes an explanation. Nothing is hidden. Everything is revealed.

But maybe the world is what we make of it. Maybe creation is mechanical if we assemble it in such a manner. Atheism is just as much a fundamentalism as any other religion. Instead of words in a book, it believes in facts. Despite the paradox of observation.

Every thing we see, we’ve created. A chair is a chair because we say it’s a chair. A tree becomes a tree in our mind. It’s not a tree in its. And on the other hand, a sign is not a sign if we say it’s not a sign.

But what if we say the opposite. It’s not like saying the moon is made of cheese. The moon is still the moon. But maybe on some midnight that moon becomes an omen. For that single moment, there’s an infinite connection.

It’s just as real as any observation with a telescope. The moon’s the moon because we say it’s so. And it’s a sign if we see it so.

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