Sunday, November 05, 2006

Working It All Out; Phase 6: Musing

We’re trained to believe that nothing is sacred, that everything is mere material, that all is every day. We look at a tree and see a tree, not a living entity beyond our reason. That goes for everything we experience.

Because we’re taught from early on that everything has a name, we think we’ve been introduced. But little do we know. The universe is just a theory in the minds of science, but we stop our wondering and accept such speculation as hard fact. Despite the bigger fact that no one really knows.

That faith is now a theorem and we are so advanced in knowledge, we believe nothing mysterious exists. But truth be told, nothing is really known, and our wonder has been overthrown by two-bit politicians and businessmen in expensive suits. And we are them.

And the poets are the biggest tragedy of all. That those who live upon creation should deny the very fact of that creation cries out for poetry. Forget the past domestication and forget the avant garde. The only thing you need remember is creation.

Listen! Don’t wait for miracles. Every second’s one. Don’t wait for inspiration. Every time you pay attention, inspiration comes. And finally, don’t wait for truth. For every time you write from the heart, there’s prophecy.


Robert said...

A call to arms. Thanks.

Cathy said...

I hear your cri de cour. Yes, it's all a grand mystery. When you say ' . . every time you write from the heart, there's prophecy' - oh yes, and the stuff of poetry.

Helen Losse said...

I hear your amen.