Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Truckin' (Got My Chips Cashed In Sonnet) Poem

Accidental Wonder

The truck, an eighteen wheeler, barrel-assed
beyond the limits of an exit ramp
and through the legal curtain of its yield
sign with the presence of a spirit built
to break all technological enchantments
designed by engineers intent on style.
Inside the cabin of the SUV,
the occupant could only watch the air-
suspended cab, a Vision Sleeper Mack,
continue through the polarizing glass
to meet his old philosophies of life
with something quite exhilarating. Death
confronted him with freedom like he never
knew before. It took away his breath.

~Greg Perry 2006


Cathy said...

Well. This had me holding my breath. Hope this isn't autobiographical.

Greg said...

Thanks. Slightly so, but thankfully not fully.