Friday, March 23, 2007

SW+1YR-ELEVEN: Paint It Desert

The vision quest ended in Canyon de Chelly and the vacation began to wind its way down. Or should I say the vision quest took on its secondary stage as the vacation moved towards re-entry. Suffice it to say that moment of eternity in the Canyon del Muerto was not quite as I described it, and ever since I’ve been trying to do just that. The past year has been both an expanding and unfolding from that moment as well as an introspective investigation of my memory about that moment. But the day after was just another day in the Painted Desert, collecting all the colors I would need to tell this story.

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Jay River said...

Here is a film clip laced with history from Canyon De Chelly:

It's from a dvd on Edward S. Curtis, which bears on other Indian lands as well.

More info:

ES Curtis Film Clip