Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SW+1YR-NINE: Monument to Spider Woman

It was , in essence, a travel day. We left Monument Valley and drove through southern Utah, past Medicine Hat,
Bluff, Montezuma Creek, and into Colorado for a short time, and New Mexico even shorter. Of course, we were in all four statesat once when we stopped at Four Corners and spread eagle on the boundaries.

We were headed in a roundabout way for Canyon de Chelly, which we reached late afternoon. Driving to the scenic views along the southern rim, we looked towards tomorrow and a tour into the National Monument itself. We drove out to the final view point at Spider Rocks and looked towards the 800 foot rock spires where the Navajo believe Spider Woman resides.

She, who wove
creation into being, a myth of Teotihuacan origin, that Toltec center of all Mesoamerica and beyond, began to weave my current story.

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